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Practice Areas

Bondy Law, PLLC is a criminal defense law firm. We focus a majority of our practice defending clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies across the State of Michigan, in addition to Federal Criminal Defense.  We also handle civil infractions and traffic related criminal charges.  More information on our criminal defense practice can be found on our Criminal Defense page, available HERE

Appeals & Post Judgement Relief

Bondy Law, PLLC has a track record of success in criminal and administrative appeals.  We handle appeals to circuit courts, the Michigan Court of Appeals, and to the Michigan Supreme Court.  Even if an appeal is unavailable because too much time has passed or you've exhausted your appellate remedies, a Motion for Relief from Judgement or a federal habeas corpus appeal may be available. 

Criminal record expungement, called "setting aside" a conviction in Michigan is the legal process of seeking a court order removing a criminal conviction form your record.  We have a reputation as being one of the best law firms in Michigan at setting aside criminal convictions for our clients. More information on our expungement practice can be found on our Record Expungement page, available HERE.

Civil Litigation

We handle the following civil litigation matters:

  • Personal Protection Orders

  • Family and Domestic Litigation

  • Contract Disputes

  • Property Disputes

  • Tort Claims and Civil Rights Litigation 

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes

  • Collections

It is almost impossible to get around the State of Michigan without a driver's license.  Whether your license was revoked due to certain convictions, such as too many DUI/OWI convictions, or you have accumulated too many points, we can help.  More information regarding how we help our clients get back on the road is available on our Driver's License Restoration page, available HERE.


In addition to our other practice areas, Bondy Law, PLLC also handles a variety of municipal property disputes, including zoning disputes and variance applications, special use permit applications, building code violations, ordinance disputes and enforcement, Freedom of Information Act requests, condemnation, civil infractions, municipal litigation, and more. 


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